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How to monitor for new mounts on Linux (without polling)

When I was googling for this it was quite to hard to find so I thought I'd share. /proc/mounts doesn't publish a stream of events or something like that, the trick is to put the file in the "exceptfds" field. A "special exception" is triggered when it's updated and you can read it from scratch.

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    SLUTA skriva som om lärarbehörighet vore en särskilt relevant. Våra elever måste få träffa lärare med ämneskunskape…
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    TRUMP: Mexicans are bad TRUMP: Muslims are bad TRUMP: Media are bad EVERYONE: what about Nazis TRUMP: let's not single anyone out
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    Regeringen börjar nu använda Sveriges tunga kompetens inom cybersäkerhet rätt. @amelsec tillträder som styrelsemedlem hos Trafikverket. =>
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