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QEMU/KVM with 3D accelerated desktop on Ubuntu

I've been try to get QEMU/KVM working with accelerated 3D desktop for a while but I've always run into trouble. Now that most standard desktop Linux images use 3D graphics, and also browsers, it's a bit annoying if you want to test something out in a VM and it's really slow.

How to install AMDGPU-PRO 16.40 on Ubuntu 16.10

When AMDGPU-PRO 16.40 was released I had already upgraded to Ubuntu 16.10 which wasn't supported yet. And since you can't downgrade Ubuntu I would have to reinstall. Nah.. let's see if we can make it work on 16.10 anyway.

Where did .xsession-errors go?

In the beautiful bliss of the systemd world, you can now find the logs of your session here!

How to monitor for new mounts on Linux (without polling)

When I was googling for this it was quite to hard to find so I thought I'd share. /proc/mounts doesn't publish a stream of events or something like that, the trick is to put the file in the "exceptfds" field. A "special exception" is triggered when it's updated and you can read it from scratch.

Enabling the nginx plugin for letsencrypt

I thought the instructions for enabling plugins in letsencrypt were very confusing so here is a small guide for anyone else stuck on the same problem.

Setting up Kivy with SDL2 and Python 3 on Ubuntu with virtualenv

Kivy has traditionally used Pygame which is a python wrapper for SDL 1.2. However setting up Kivy with Pygame is a bit annoying and since Pygame is very old and unmaintained you don't want to use it anyway.

Upgrading python virtualenv to the latest version on Ubuntu

Virtualenv is great, you should use it! However Ubuntu comes with an old virtualenv, including it's basic dependencies setuptools and pip. The latest version of virtualenv only includes setuptools and pip when you create a new venv so you want up to date versions of those in your global install.

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